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äktiiv: Backed by Michael Jordan’s Son
äktiiv's Plant-Based Activewear Is Set To Take On Lululemon and Nike


e|Mercedes Benz
Äktiiv Is A Game Changer - Absolutely Brilliant


Portland Business Journal - aktiiv leap frogging the entire sustainable industry


Portland Business Journal - äktiiv
A Nike Vet Teams Up with Michael Jordan’s Son To Launch Plant-Based Activewear


Essentially Sports - aktiiv changing how things in the activewear industry work

Essentially Sports - äktiiv
Plant-Based, Carbon Zero, Biodegradable Activewear



Sports Rush - aktiiv changing how things work in activewear
The Sports Rush - äktiiv
Every Once In a While Someone Decides To Change How Things Work


 Kickstarting a Revolution in Activewear