Jeffrey Jordan launches Äktiiv, a women’s sportswear brand

Jeffrey Jordan launches Äktiiv, a women’s sportswear brand - ä

Michael Jordan’s son Jeffrey Jordan and Nike Veteran’s Environmentally Sustainable Sportswear Brand is taking on Billion Dollar Giants 

Sports Rush - Jeet Pukhrambam

Michael Jordan’s son Jeffrey Jordan is on the verge of cracking the world of sportswear with his venture. He is joined by a Nike executive and they wish to take on several billion Dollar brands.

Every once in a while someone decides to change how things work. It is called disruption. And who better to carry on disruption in the world of sports than someone with the Jordan name?  

Jeffrey, like his dad, is also set to be a pathbreaker. He wishes to change the world of sportswear in a way that is good for the environment. In his bid, his idea is simply to make sportswear that is biodegradable. And particularly, women’s apparel. 

To help him in this venture, he is joined by Tim Gobet, a former executive at Nike who worked for 15 years. 

The Jordan name is quite big in sports, ever heard the name Michael Jordan? So it is natural for Jeffrey to want to leverage his name. 

But he also wishes to make a brand that is focused on sustainable practices. His venture, Äktiiv aims to be the first carbon-zero or carbon-neutral sportswear brand in the world. 

Äktiiv makes women’s leggings and activewear entirely from plants, meaning they are fully biodegradable. In his quest, he is joined by Gobet, who has worked with Jeffrey quite closely.  

Tim Gobet and Jeffrey Jordan’s goal is to eliminate petroleum use in sportswear

Gobet is a former Nike executive who had worked in the apparel line. This means he brings credible experience and when he met Jeffrey, they had a common goal of sustainability. 

They have been friends for a while and Jeffrey met him when he was working with Nike for 7 years. Jordan’s capacity at Äktiiv is that of an advisor and an investor. 

He said this when asked about why he chose to venture into this industry, “Sustainability has been something we’ve talked about quite a bit. This type of product just doesn’t exist.”

Gobet had this to say, “Petroleum is the enemy. That’s the line that we want to put in the sand.”.  The brand aims to take on billion Dollar giants Lululemon and Nike themselves. So while Jeffrey’s venture might be in direct competition with his dad’s, he will embrace the challenge, after all, he is a Jordan